Ex Metallo

by Gladius Sky

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Kyle Grindberg
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Kyle Grindberg One of my top 10 favorite albums of all time. Favorite track: Alchemy of Spirit.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) thumbnail
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) We mourned the untimely loss of Terje Bakken, but it seems that Gladius Sky has come to carry Windir's torch. And brightly, at that. Dual neoclassical soloing over palm-muted rhythm guitars, symphonic flourishes, and a mixture of black and death vocals. Similar effects are used with great care and love. Like Tarantino, Gladius Sky wish to celebrate the classics; not steal from them. Check out our full review on Metal Archives: metaltrenches.com/reviews/carrying-the-torch-73 Favorite track: Follow in the Path of the Sun and the Moon.
Ryan Murtagh
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Ryan Murtagh Great little metal album here sounds dead uplifting and interesting, the guitar bass and vocal work are top notch and Hannes Grossman's drumming is amazing as ever, totally worth a buy, especially at this low a price! Favorite track: A Transparent Horror.
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Ft. Hannes Grossmann on drums (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, Ex-Obscura). A solo project from Canada, British Columbia, working with people from around the world to bring a new sound to the genre of metal. Album length = 45 minutes.

*Physical Copies are now available - $15.00 CAD + Shipping. Please email your address & order info to tannerrevak@hotmail.com


released June 2, 2015

All music and lyrics written and produced by Tanner Revak

Editing, mixing, and mastering at Woodshed Studio in Landshut, Germany By: V. Santura (Dark Fortress, Triptykon, Obscura, etc.)

Vocal Engineering By: Chris Holmes
Scott Thompson - MIDI sampling

Tanner Revak - Guitars/Programming
Hannes Grossmann - Drums (session)
Taylor Pottle - Vocals
NIkko Whitworth - Fretless Bass (session)

Album cover art - Roberto Alejandro Gonzalez

Ps. I am available to be commissioned for writing, arranging, and guest instruments (mostly specialized in orchestral).



all rights reserved


Gladius Sky Vernon, British Columbia

A musical effort conducted by musician, and composer; Tanner Revak. Gladius Sky is an international project that features top notch musicians and inspiring musicality.

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Track Name: Kingdom of Storms
A sound has given rise to the elements by time
Waking crystal energy as the stars align
The flux of the wave does carry great force
As it flexes the cosmic mirrors descendants take their course
Lingering in these layers of reality I find new paths of wisdom
and death that enrich me and make me free

Walking slowly in the myst I listen in silence
To remember in silence I can come alive
I know what I am one with sound
And I will bear the flesh to be cast down

A vast recognition of primordial force
The ignition of a spark
As my mighty conflagration lights a torch
To light my stellar halls through which I always walk

I walk on the sun and cross the arc
So I can cast my luminous dust upon the blackened world
This cauldron brews the tempest strong
and binds mortality under sealed mystic spells

(Inter lucem ac tenebras)

A new day I fly to the placid walls
See inside these obsidian mirrors I call my home
Deconstruction of star-scapes and my thoughts in time
Shatter these blackened windows and see the new work of ages

A new kingdom hall for the devils and there chaos
High upon the wake of thunder they ride, ride for war
Bring the fire bring the storms upon the desolate world and worms
For the Earth feels plagued and wills to be freed from the defiers

Skeletal remains on the grounds of black
Our blood is gone from this plane
To another realm we leap through the darkness between the light
None can succeed the wave of destruction
The requiem of chaos rebirthing life
Track Name: Ode to the Hammer
Like the lion I pride the plains
To walk in my dominion without fear and I reign
like the wolves that feast from the forests pain
To become something magnificent in nature

A new kingdom forged by silent storms
I walked through the mountains and took on new forms
For the ancients I hold the eternal flame
Which will flicker in the valley of wind and rain

I forge the hammer to recognize creation
I use the hammer to pound the spike
I swing the hammer to reveal annihilation
I wield the hammer for the conquering Rike

The fire within will endure glacial storms
For I am born from the primal forge
A gleaming weapon the symbol of might
A mighty weapon to forge great swords
An earthly presence of great power
To bring order to the court in the darkest hour

The balance of man tips the scales
And forfeits nature’s pride
If I die my mountains will crumble upon you
As my trees lash the sky
Track Name: Sacred Gears
The illusion of my reality is the fuel that fears the flame
That I may not walk upon earthly ground as a god that fears no pain
A glimpse through an eye that does not suffer the living
Has dawned upon me that I stem not from duality

I approached a great gate that is covered with demonic faces
It takes one so willing to breach a gate to haunted places
To go through the myst is not for the daunting fool
That will run when he sees those loathsome memories

A figure of death will greet you in shadow's hall
Follow him through the power of silence to ancient ruins

A skeletal hand points toward the ground
The floor begins to rumble
A tree cracks the stone upon which I stand
And branches throughout all worlds

Like the water that falls from lands’ edge
I descend through the split apart ground
To find that I fall through a root-filled sky
And dive into the ocean from which it draws life

The spirit of the giant awakens from the light
He slumbers in the embodied ocean as twin serpents
Until you go down to greet them
The ones who spit this cosmic fire

Down here the symphony of life plays it's song
I ride the wave of sound to discover why I came
An unfoldment of all realities take place upon my wake
And now I stand before the Giant's gate

Within these states I see many sacred gears
All the stars they hold up in the sky
And they will never leave you to fall
For it is the life that encompasses all
Track Name: A Transparent Horror
Here I am where I burned my family of three
The manor past the hills overlooking the sea
I came back to set things right in my mind
But a haunting horror I discover in short time

Twenty feet away at the end of the hall
This cold direct gaze could be the end of it all
But my body only froze for a moment
And I began to walk toward the ghost

This time something is strange…
That bastard I had seen from afar is not the same
I think I see my face...
I walk closer to witness a perfect figure of myself
I am right here starring through this murderous transparency

A cold sweat breaks and the burning inside my head begins
This formal pain the memory of my bloody hands
I can see the flames again
These screams inside my head come from my executed family
Flashing the torment and gross thoughts of burning
Brings me to my knees and I tremble

Now possessed by the ghost that reflects my weakness and loathes
I no longer have any control and we walk down the hall to the entrance way

There in the bay where the water violently meets the cliffs
He sends me to the highest point of view
Suffering and disarray, cold and confused
I am forced to jump and fall into the watery jagged rock

I am dead
And the water fills with my blood...
Track Name: I Am the Hunted
They chased me through the fields and forest for days
For what I successfully betrayed
Years I remained loyal to their throne
And the shadows of deceit slowly were sewn

I robbed them of the beauty they adore
This whore?
She’s nothing more than the icon of slaves and war

She's a hostage and at my liege
But she’s more excited than fearful it seems
She does not know I'm not here to set her free

Ten thousand pieces to the one who brings her head
I have commissioned this
A deceitful task to infiltrate the enemy
She doesn't have the slightest faintest clue
why I enticed her to leave the castle with me
I am going to use you

Day three they are still hunting me
They want back their wench (ha!)
She will never be freed

She feels something is wrong and quickly I tie her hands in bonds
Your friends aren't going to save you now
Kicking and screaming as I drag you by your leg
Once past those gates you will attend a deathly fate

Hung for the carrion birds
To swarm and eat her corpse
Left in high view to break the enemy's will
When they see her dead
Their people and warriors will fall
And their fates will become that of sorrow
Track Name: Odyssey of Power
This is where we buried the god of mortal son
When man left God's protection and discovered one
For man willed something more
That of his nature he is overlord to discover for himself

The worship of idols will be the end of us all
Let it be known there is only one and you will see
For I bring stars unto my cabinets
And use power to harness time
Extraordinary power to shape the stars and fates
I bring dead tides and grace to a sacred place
To paint a picture of true art on living canvas
And I paint with blood and wisdom

I ponder in the mountains that stab the sky
Hi above; A sky palace where the fountain flows
And it knows that which I desire
Like a mirror reflecting fire

I conquer like no other and leave frozen paths behind
So I may see the past shimmer upon crystal
I create like no other and set fire in your mind
So I may see you in the light

This is might what you see
An energy that is earned through will and tendency
For I have burned to learn
And spilled blood on my account relentlessly

When death takes me into the star beds to slumber
I have visions that would make you wonder
The glories of life and death
An illusionary tale of my fate
That I beset before I came unto life
For I make the unreal still for all to see
As I linger amongst the spirits of reality
I walk in the mountains and see the rivers flowing
As do I give that which is essential through gravity

Come hither at my rivers and drink from the cup of eternity
Then you will see...
Track Name: Alchemy of Spirit
Inferno cast among the water
My lost brother ride through the darkness
Enter the realm of the heavy to glance the tower of symbols
I knew I wouldn’t remember before I became
To entertain the illusion of life and atomic space

Now my chance to walk this plane and carve the mountains of my fate

Look closely beyond these shapes and forms
The portal leads to kingdoms far below
Don’t look back with false eyes
The sun on this side will make you go blind
The memory withers a bright energy
The unseen appearing as all things

An enigma to the one who entered the womb
To be born, breathe and wonder magic mirrors of cerebral thunder

The alchemy of spirit is twisted and mysterious
Track Name: Follow in the Path of the Sun and the Moon
Here in the absent abyss I spoke the words that sought desire
To sit upon the throne of sacred numbers and stars
I come into physical states to behold a humans’ weight

It is through mortality I may appear
If you listen closely you will surely hear
Surreal melodies surrounding beings
Auras to better see with clarity

Clues lay abundant in the fabric of the land
I lived here for so long I began to understand
A lesson told to me by that of air
Mother of great essence whisper into my ear I am born of you

A wise man would not walk in one realm alone
He follows in the path of the sun and the moon

To be the wisdom of wisdoms great and profound
Forever dancing in a vast illusion in a field of sound
Track Name: Celestia Divina
When do you see your fatal lies
Driven by fear that will jeopardize?
With wishes and hopes the people will slow
They need not say for the wind will blow

And how will we know when we've risen again?
The power will flow from deep within

The intention that is meant to be is the key to the greatest gates

In light of it's place the darkness disgraced
Then you free yourself from insanity
Take what you know and dissolve your woe
For it's presence hinders your strategies

You endured the forces that bound you
Now spread your wings to fly to freedom

It's all around and no one will drown
In my graced full reality
Of infinite knowledge that cannot be desired
We shatter the sky to breech the sun
To look deep within the blinding light
And let it be known we see as one

I am the creator of life and I am the bringer of death
Watch my hands open your fates then crush them into dust

I come from the light and I do not weigh
A seal of energy I cannot say
I bare a spark in the eternal storm
Wavering in a field of stardust form

Do not bow before your gods
You have dwelled in your past for far too long
Now rise to the glory of your self incarnation
And resonate in the eternal cosmic song

Celestia divina I call for thee
Celestia divina I will see

Feel the presence of the cosmic force
That glows inside your shaded mind
That the light will bring with it darkness
And that is what will leave you blind